Nowadays, more than ever before, users of social media are posting quotes by philosophers, leaders or other influential people who have tried to condense certain ideas or experiences into a small phrase. Some of these quotes are inspirational and encouraging, promoting a philosophy of life or suggesting a way that will lead us to happiness or help us attain our goals.

Of course, as we now live in the age of the visual image, the picture of a hot Hollywood star sometimes accompanies a philosopher’s quote. In this way people promote their public image, letting their friends and followers know that they have embraced a certain philosophy of life.

Even though it is important to get inspiration from thoughts and ideas, it is equally important to put these ideas into practice. It is our actions that define us; it is our actions that matter, only our actions can change the world. So instead of posting a quote, isn’t it better to leave our mark on the world?

When it comes to the prevention and management of workplace bullying and mobbing, the actions of some brave people who decided to face up to the problem and bring about change do not pale in comparison with some of the most influential quotes in ancient or contemporary history. These people, the ‘bully targets’ if we wish to use a politically correct term, fought all alone – not only against the social system of their time but also against their own fears.

Let me finish with this: ‘When you realize that you are able to prevent or manage workplace bullying and its consequences, you have walked 90% of the distance – the remaining 10% will be covered with your actions’. And this will not be your quote, it will be your mark.