Today MRK Consulting is celebrating 5 years of offering solutions and support.

We feel justified to take pride in our success as we have managed to come first in every goal we have set out to accomplish.

MRK Consulting is the 1st consulting firm that specializes in the Prevention & Management of Workplace Bullying, Work Stress and Burnout.

 We are the 1st to conduct a nationwide social survey on Workplace Bullying that illustrates the needs, convictions, and opinions of employees of all levels. The survey showed that 85% of respondents feel that Workplace Bullying constitutes a serious social issue (source: Kapa Research)

We are the 1st to establish a methodology that addresses employees who have been targeted and wish to tackle the difficulties faced in their work environment as well as reverse the detrimental effects on their family and social environment and mental/physical health.

We are the 1st to hold seminars/workshops and participate in events aimed at raising public awareness of Workplace Bullying.

We are the 1st to create policies and procedures with which companies and organizations can conform to new laws and regulations in accordance with the UN’s framework ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’ (2011) and the International Labor Organization’s no.190 Convention for the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the Workplace.

An additional service provided by MRK Consulting is that we can act as independent mediators for the phenomenon of workplace bullying in adherence to the UN’s guidelines (2011).

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