• 50% of bosses who bully are men, 50% women
  • 96% of colleagues are aware of incidents of bullying
  • Psychological violence lasts 16.5 months on average
  • Most bullying does not constitute illegal conduct. In only 8% of cases was the victim classified as a legally protected employee (disabled or member of a minority).
  • 67% of victims report having no prior history of being bullied
  • 41% of victims are diagnosed with depression
  • 31% of women victims experience post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Bullies rarely suffer career consequences because in 42 percent of cases, the bully’s supervisor assists the bully or punishes the victim.
  • 11% of colleagues side with the bully.

[US Hostile Workplace Survey, 2000]


  • Mostly women
  • Individuals who don’t fight back
  • Individuals who are focused on their work
  • Individuals who are not political animals, who think they can rise above the fray
  • Individuals who are usually nonconfrontational
  • Individuals who are competent and are perceived as a threat
  • Individuals who are independent and popular

[Source: Maureen Milford]