6 March 2017

Workplace bullying: Violence, Harassment and Bullying Fact sheet

What is workplace bullying? Some notes that may help you to understand about workplace bulling according to Australian Human Rights Commission Workplace bullying is verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse by your employer (or Workplace bullying can happen in any […]
6 March 2017

From the infantryman’s point of view

It was Francois Truffaut who said that it’s not possible to make an anti-war movie, because all war movies, with their energy and sense of adventure, end up making combat look like fun. Likewise, it is very difficult to make […]
23 July 2017


  You feel you are lost in your thoughts. You think that nothing moves on. You have fought many battles. You feel that you are all alone…or rather, cut off…Sometimes you feel a great burden on your chest, you feel […]