ΤΗΕ CAVH Certification

The Certified Against Violence and Harassment 7star, C.A.V.H 7star private certification scheme, was founded and developed by MRK Consulting. The aim of the Certification is to ratify that companies adopt regulations and policies that protect the human rights of their employees, educate their people about the violence and harassment in working environment, and use due diligence mechanisms to handle violence and harassment cases.


It is a complete and accurate system that aims to increase employees, people and consumers trust to the organization that apply and been certified with the certification scheme C.A.V.H. 7star


The certification also helps companies to disclose data about their diversity and inclusion,



7 STAR C.A.V.H determines the fundamental rules and regulations that an organization must implement to get the Certificate.

The 7-star C.A.V.H. certificate, verifies that the organization or the company has as a priority the protection of the rights of the employees. Also, that adopts good practices and zero tolerance in cases of violence and harassments. Specifically, has created rules and procedures, training of executives and employees.


Detailed description

7-star CAVH confirms that companies and organizations that


  • They have conducted risk assessment against violence and harassment in their workplace environment
  • The have created Rules and Regulation to prevent and manage mobbing. Violence and harassment in the world of work.
  • Provide Diligence, Grievance, and Remedy mechanisms and they also provide processes and protection conditions to the accusants.
  • Provide Solution Mechanism due to priority, frequency, intensity.
  • Provide the proper procedures, mechanism and specialized personnel for sexual harassment and violence, domestic violence, and physical violence victims.
  • Educate, raise awareness, and train the personnel against Mobbing, Workplace Bullying, Violence, and Harassment so the personnel can identify and avoid it.
  • They have implemented (IA) Impact Assessment for the cases of Violence and Harassment.


The private certification Scheme Certified Against Violence and Harrassment 7 star C.A.V.H. is bonded not only with responsibility, social concious and sensitivity but also with corporal ethics that has an Organisation or Company  along wiith preventive acts and targets bases on the directions of UN and I.L.O.


  • The mitigation of the possibility of violence or harrasment phenomenon
  • The support of a high level prevention of the pottential exposure ( involuntarily or voluntarily) in violence in the working enviroment.
  • The handling of potential insidences with organised, indirect way, based on the suggested published line  of the national (Ministry of Llabour) and international authorities (e.g. U.N.)
  • The inclusion also of the sectors in reletion with people that come in indirect or direct contact, like employees, cooperates. Suppliers, visitors and other people in concern, in all the phases of every day transactions and actions with the Company or the Organisation.


The Duration of the C.A.V.H. 7star certificate is yearly renewable.


Besides it certifies that the Organisation or the Company has procedures and policies of integrations and protection of teams with minority characteristics, like genter, race, sexual oriantation, religion e.t.c. in the frame of national justice of human rights and oft he current law framework at the time.


The certification procedure


For the certification of every Oganisation or company with C.A.V.H 7star must follow the following procedure


  • Submistion of the Certification Form C.A.V.H. 7star to MRK Consulting
  • Acceptance of the financial terms and requirement of cooperation (Contract and Certification Regulation)
  • Preparation of the Organisation or Company in reference with the developement and appliance of a mechanism systemic approach for the satisfaction of the directive C 190 ILO that has ratificate by law 4808 2021  demand
  • Planning and process evaluation of danger and impact.
  • Certification of the Organisation after a succesful completion inspection of appliance.


Compliance and indicative criteria


Princeples Indicative Criteria
Politics Commitment Commitment, responsibilited of Management, Communication, KPis, Actions, Holistic approach, Validation
Fanctional factors, Measures,  Implementations


Enviroment description, Action Plan, Pore, Procedures Politics, Awareness and Communication, Due Diligens mechanism, Psycological supprt, Training


Attedance Improvement


Evaluation (attedance, internal reviews, complains). Review, corporation  sequel, keeping of records, Communication


To whom is it addressed

The private Certificate scheme C.A.V.H. 7star is addressed to all companies and organisations indipendantly  the field, size and public  or private sector.


Which are the benefits from the certification?

The certification C.A.V.H. 7 star by MRK Consulting

  • Gives value added to every Organisation or Company from the credibility and power that reflects the name and brand C.A.V.H. 7 start stating that all the nessesary actions for the confrontation, management and elimination of Violence and Harrasement in the working enviroment have taken place.
  • Reinforce the strategy of the Organisation or Company for the developement of actions for the senzitisation and protection of a exceptional working enviroment based in equality, acceptance and diversity.
  • Reinforce the sustanability of the Organisation or company
  • Contributes actively in the increase of the trust to the consumers, visitors, and all involved parts
  • Reinforses the Copany Responsibility and Social impact
  • Reinforses the ESG index


CAVH designed to help companies report nonfinancial disclosures

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