There are various forms of consequences that one can experience if he has been the victim of work-related bullying.

Consequences in the working environment, in the family in the social life.

Consequences that causes mental disorders that become psychosomatic symptoms or cause autoimmune diseases.


Consequences in the working environment

Refusal to go to work

Low appreciation of the results of his work

Abstain from working groups

Misjudgment of the working environment, believing that everyone is against him

Non-productive results

Consequences in the family environment

Transferring pressure and irritation into the family

Create a climate of tension with other family members and often outbursts

Poor mood creating greater strain

Consequences in the social environment

Conduct any discussion to drive the problem of work

Abstinence from social events due to lack of mood

Friends and social well-known people isolate in several cases the person who constantly complains about his / her work environment. They do not want to hear the same things constantly.  On the contrary, they want to spend their leisure time pleasantly and productively.

Economic consequences

Continued negative productivity due to isolationism in the work environment plus the continuous mobbing leads in many cases to the loss of work, either because the company will remove the victim or because the victim leads to leave the company alone.

Impact on health

Depression, one of the most known consequences of work-related bullying  Depression can be fatal for the person’s own health

Autoimmune health problems. Excessive pressure and daily repetition of bullying  leads to problems related wit autoimmune diseases.

Lack of self-confidence and self-respect.

Failure to deal with workplace bullying and intimidation is a personal matter.

if you can work strategically with methodology by setting targets the workplace bulling can be defeated

Workplace bullying is toxic. If we let bullying win then its toxicity will pass through us to anything we love destroying it.