I would like to thank Mrs. Maria Anastassopoulou and Mr. Giannis Kolokythas for their hospitality in the show “The Children of Change” on the radio of skai, on Friday, September 17 on the topic of Combating Violence and Harassment in its area work.

Skai radio 100.3fm hosted  Ioannis Marketos, founder of MRK Consulting , at Christina Vidou’s radio show Ζωή.gr , on  31/3/2021.  Ioannis Marketos presented and discussed the results of the first survey on workplace bullying to be conducted in Greece

Skai radio 100,3fm hosted  Ioannis Marketos founder of MRK Consulting , at the Maira Barba radio broadcast  *EFE , on Sunday 31/5/2020.  Ioannis Marketos explained what workplace bullying / mobbing  means, how it affects employee lives and how it could be prevented and managed. Advanced settings.

“Workplace Bullying in Greece Today”

MRK Consulting in collaboration  with Innovathens – The Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens launched  a Live Streaming seminar on  Tuesday 29/6/2021 with the theme – Workplace Bullying in Greece Today


On 14/4/2021, Mr Ioannis Marketos presented to the members of the Greek People Management Association (G.P.M.A) the results of the 1rst Nationwide survey on “Workplace bullying in Greece” after the invitation he accepted from the G.P.M.A Board.

The survey was conducted by Kapa Research for MRK Consulting. 

On Thursday, February 25, 2021, an online event was held by Global Sustain celebrating its 15 years of operation with the theme: “HUMAN RIGHTS AND GOOD PRACTICES IN THE WORKPLACE”. One of the keynote speakers was Ioannis Marketos, founder of MRK Consulting.

Sofia Bekatorou, sailing champion, graduate of the Department of Psychology at Panteion University and Mrs. Triviza from Thrive Global Greece were keynote speakers too.

The sub-topics included Workplace Bullying, Work-related Stress, Burnout, Self-Improvement and Good Practices in the Workplace.

The main message was conveyed by Mrs. Bekatorou who leads the movement “BREAK THE SILENCE”.

On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, the online event “THE WORKING ENVIRONMENT” was hosted by the Municipality of Papagou-Holargos with Ioannis Marketos, founder of MRK Consulting, as a speaker. 

The event covered the topics of Workplace Bullying, Work Stress & Burnout, focusing on its effects as well as on its.prevention and management.

The event was an initiative of the Mayor of Papagou-Holargou, Elias Apostolopoulos.

Real Fm 97.8 hosted Ioannis Marketos at Aimilia Stathakou’s radio show on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Mr. Marketos analysed ways to prevent and manage workplace bullying.

Skai radio 100,3fm hosted  Ioannis Marketos founder of MRK Consulting , at the Xristina Vidou radio broadcast  Ζωή.gr , on  8/2/2021.  Ioannis Marketos explained the workplace bullying effect and how it could be prevented and managed.

MRK Consulting participated in the 37th Athens Marathon, the Authentic

MRK Consulting, in the 20th NATIONAL NURSES CONFERENCE, on December 5th to 8th in Kastoria at Limneon Hotel

The Seminar -Workshop was held on Friday, 6 December at KIKNOS II Conference Hallunder the title “Preventing and Managing Workplace Bullying in Hospitals and Clinics – How it affects Nurses at work and at home.”

Speaker:Ioannis Marketos

How to Prevent and Manage Workplace Bulling

MRK Consulting appeared on Open TV, as a guest to Fay Mavragani’s news program ‘It’s Happening Now’. Mr. Marketos explained how to prevent and manage Workplace bullying (mobbing).


On Tuesday,19.03.2019, a Workshop for Global Sustain was held on the topic ‘Workplace Bullying at the contemporary work environment. Ways of Prevention and Management’.

Speaker: Ioannis Marketos, General Manager, MRK Athens.

This workshop is aimed at:
a) all employees, regardless of their hierarchical status or position
b) companies that wish to be informed about these phenomena or wish to resolve existing problems
c) companies whose corporate culture cannot allow the occurrence of such phenomena.

15th Annual Postgraduate Conference of Paediatrics

MRK Athens, the only specialized consultancy firm for the prevention and management of workplace bullying, participated in the 15th Postgraduate seminar of pediatrics “Awareness days on Paediatrics” with an innovative seminar-workshop addressed to scientific staff of hospitals and private surgeries.

The Workshop was held on the first day of the Conference on 2 March at 14:00 at the auditorium of the Athens War Museum, Rizari 2.

The Workshop focused on strategies for the prevention and management of various forms of workplace bullying among employees or between patients and their caregivers.

The four main pillars of the workshop were the following:

·    Definition of Workplace Bullying

·    Presentation of studies on workplace Bullying in the Health Sector

·    Implications of workplace bullying

·    Ways and methods of managing workplace bullying

Speaker: Mr. Ioannis Marketos (MBA), founder of MRK Consulting

Delphi Economic Forum 2019

MRK Athens, a leading company in the field, took part in the Delphi Economic Forum, one of the biggest business events in Europe.

Moments of MRK Athens series Workshops

“How to Prevent and Μanage Workplace Bullying”

Held on July, 19 & 25, 2018 at MRK Athens Headquarters

The aim of the program is

·     to provide information on the lurking and underestimated threat of workplace bullying

·     to emphasize how it affects the life and health of employees.

·     to deal with Mobbing Syndrome

·     to present the role of MRK as part of the solution

On June 18 & 19, 2018, KEAK in collaboration with MRK Athens held a Workshop for workplace bullying.

New events will follow in September with relevant information about the exact location and dates to be announced.

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