“God gives the signal for battle, and I, too, rush to the attack, trembling. Whether I straggle behind as a deserter or battle valiantly, I know that I shall always fall in battle. But on the first occasion my death would be sterile, for with the destruction of my body my soul would also be lost and scattered to the winds.
On the second occasion, I would descend into earth like a fruit brimming with seed. Though my breath abandons my body to rot, it would organize new bodies and continue the battle. ”

“Fight out of things and flesh, out of hunger, out of fear, out of virtue and sin, struggle continually to create God.”

These quotes are from the Salvatores Dei (The Saviors of God [1923]) by Kazantzakis.

I chose them because these words reflect life in all its manifestations.

“In the battles of life, it is our choice if we will be brave or cowards. We do not ask if we will win or be defeated. We fight.

As a coward, you will die every day. Fear will find you everywhere. During the day, during the night, on your way to your safeplace. Ugliness will pass into your environment, your workplace and even your family.

As a brave, if you die, it will be once. If you survive you will be full of light. If you die you will illuminate the others around you.”

I chose this excerpt because I believe that this is the value of Life, of Willingness and Death.

I chose this excerpt because I believe that if we place a little bit of the greater Greek philosopher’s thought inside of us and adjust it accordingly in our minds, our lives, our work, then all those who have the nickname of “Bully” would simply seem small, cowards and infertile.