MRK Consulting aims at curbing toxicity in the workplace, specializing in the prevention and management of Workplace Bullying, Work-related Stress and Burnout. The ultimate goal is to create a corporate culture in compliance with the guidelines of the United Nations and the European Union.

Toxicity in the workplace, Workplace Bullying, Work-related Stress and Burnout have an impact not only on human resources but also on companies and organizations.

Preventing and tackling toxicity and workplace bullying enhances corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility and creates a healthy corporate ecosystem (Best workplace to be).

When a company or organization focuses on optimizing the living conditions of its workforce and takes into account its responsibility towards society, it essentially invests not only in profitability but also in longevity.

MRK Consulting specializes in:

The creation of Policies and Procedures

The creation of Policies and Procedures prompt companies and organizations to commit to zero-tolerance towards practices of workplace bullying and physical/ psychological abuse. This ensures the smooth operation of the corporate ecosystem and the protection of human resources and human rights.

Indicative Policies and Procedures:

  • The creation of a General Policy and Procedures that will govern the whole organization and will incorporate the general principles for the Prevention and Mitigation of workplace intimidation in order to attain workplace restoration through legitimate processes.
  • The creation of an Interdepartmental Policy that will concern the different departments of the organization as well as the companies affiliated with the parent company.
  • The creation of a mechanism for the supervision and resolution of workplace bullying

Experiential Seminars

Experiential seminars aim to protect the employees of an organization from psychosocial risks (PSC) in order to ensure the mental and physical health of the employees.

Indicative Seminars (workshops):

  • Avoidance and Management of interpersonal tensions and a toxic work environment within the organization.
  • Management of toxic customers.
  • Human Resources and Corporate Sustainability.
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Achievement of equilibrium between work and everyday life.

Please note that the content of the seminars can be configured according to the needs of each organization or company.

Independent Mediator for the resolution of issues related to workplace bullying.

An additional important service offered by MRK Consulting is that of the External Consultant / Mediator for the resolution of incidents of workplace bullying within a company. They will act with transparency, objectivity and independence. as mediators in order to suggest ways to resolve tensions and restore the workplace.



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