MRK Consulting, in the 20th NATIONAL NURSES CONFERENCE, on December 5thto 8th in Kastoria at Limneon Hotel

The Seminar -Workshop was held on Friday, December 6th in KIKNOS II Room with title  

“Avoiding and Managing Workplace Bullying in Hospitals and Clinics – How Mobbing affects Nurses Work and Life.”

Speaker Ioannis Marketos

How to Prevent and Manage Workplace Bulling

MRK Consulting hosted at Fay’s  Mavragani  news brosdcast, Its Happening Now, at Open Tv analysing how to Prevent and Manager Workplace bullying (mobbing)

“Workplace Bullying  in the Modern Work Environment, Ways of Management and Avoidance”

The workshop was held at Global Sustain Premises

Lecturer: Ioannis Marketos, Founder of MRK Athens

The workshop addresses:

(a) to all employees irrespective of their hierarchy and rank

b) to companies that want to be informed and to find solutions to the problem of mobbing

(c) to companies whose corporate culture does not allow such phenomena to occur

Paediatric information days

MRK Athens, the only specialised consultancy firm for the prevention and management of workplace bullying, participated in the 15o Postgraduate seminar of pediatric “Paediatric information days” with an innovative seminar –  workshop ,addressed to Scientific staff of hospitals and to private doctors too.

The workshop title was “Workshop for the new Pediatricians on how to prevent and nmanage workplace bullying in hospitals and private clinics”

The Workshop  hold on the first day of the conference 2 March at 14:00 ‘ at the auditorium of the Athens War Museum, Rizari 2

Delphi Economic Forum

MRK Athens participated in 2019 Delphi Economic Forum on of the biggest business european events

Moments of MRK Athens series Workshops

“How to Prevent and Μanage Workplace Bullying”

Οn July 19 & 25 at MRK Athens Headquarters

The aim of the program

  • to provide information on the well-hidden and underestimated threat of workplace bullying
  • to emphasize how it affects the life and health of employees.
  • to deal with Mobbing Syndrome
  • to present the role of MRKathens and how is a part of the solution

On June 18 & 19, 2018 KEAK in collaboration with MRK Athens

New Workshop for workplace bullying will be followed in September  Relevant information about the exact location and date will be published.

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