MRK Consulting offers a wide range of services to corporate customers.  MRK Consulting is specialised on reducing workplace toxicity and creating “culture of wellness” within the companies and organizations.

These services are provided to corporate customers on all industries and sectors.

Corporate customers can sign a total procurement services agreement. However, MRK services is used by customers who want to use our expertise for the more not standard requirements.


Services Overview

Experiential Seminars/workshops

Experimental seminars aim at armoring employees from psychosocial risks and stress at work.

The seminars/workshops we provide includes

Ø Avoidance and management of stress and toxic climate in the organization

Ø Human Resources and Corporate Sustainability.

Ø Emotional Intelligence

Ø Mental Health and Wellness

Ø Personal and Professional Development

Ø How to achieve a Balanced Life

The content of the seminars/workshops can be tailored to the needs of each organization or company


Developing a wellness culture for better sales and successful marketing.

Mental and physical health not only affect the productivity output of the workforce, but it makes them feel good in all areas of life


Examples of Wellness Programs

Create flexible work hours

fitness classes

Wellness adventures

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