MRK in its effort to be close to those who need its services, offers the ability to communicate through Skype.

Thus, someone who lives and works abroad, in a town miles from Athens or just wants for his personal reasons, Skype can be used as a channel of communication.

MRK believes that Technology should be used to bring people closer and to provide solutions to their needs.


How does it work ?

The interested party declares his wish that the sessions will be done through the Skype application by completing the form below, by sending an email to or by calling 2111833648.

  • By agreeing the dates and times of the sessions, they are confirmed by both parties to commit the time.
  • At the exact time you set up, you sign in to the Skype app and start the session.

We clarify that an email or chat is not provided with an advisory service because it can never be adequate and effective.


Online Session Request Form

Payment methods

The fee for sessions via Skype is made by depositing the agreed amount into bank accounts. These details will be sent to your email after the confirmation of our cooperation.

Skype sessions are pre-paid and the invoice or receipts will be sent on the same day by email. The next day will be mailed to the address you will indicate.

*In any case, MRK executives are at your disposal to explain in detail how the procedure works

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