You feel you are lost in your thoughts. You think that nothing moves on. You have fought many battles. You feel that you are all alone…or rather, cut off…Sometimes you feel a great burden on your chest, you feel like sinking, you find yourself in the middle of a maze and you struggle to find the way out. Then, you despair…

Be honest with yourself, there is no need to escape from anywhere or feel bad. The solution is quite simple, you just have to look inside you, deep in your soul. You don’t have to carry a secret deep down in your heart. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. The solution, the exit of the maze is just a simple move you need to make.

Open your eyes and look at the sun. You are a creature of the light, anyway. You don’t need to search when the answer is right in front of you. You don’t need to wait for salvation when salvation is within you.

You do not become a victim of bullying if you are an enlightened individual, if you radiate what you really are! You do not become a victim of workplace bullying if the power of your soul and personality radiates luminous energy.

You will make enemies, be sure of that. But you can be their adversary, not their victim.