Today, more than ever before, we are talking about bullying at the workplace. A social problem that has always existed but is now beginning to take shape.

Indeed, workplace bullying has a shape and, more often than not, it is a frightening one. That is because we associate it with feelings of fear, agony, depression and resignation.

We wake up and go to work like slaves, overwhelmed with a sense of defeat… This is because we have crippled our dynamism, our driving source of energy, our very selves.

It’s incredible, isn’t it?  We hand over the keys of our personality to people who are inferior to us. In essence, we betray ourselves. The question is not why this is happening to us but why we allow it to happen.

In life, we ​​do not sign a contract with happiness – nor with misery. In life, we only have one duty: to safeguard the Soul that we carry within us.

We don’t conduct some kind of market research in order to buy a Soul. The Soul is not an application on our mobile phone. We have to protect it at all costs. The only way to do so is to choose the way we want to live and fill our everyday life with energy. This is what keeps our Soul alive.

The answer to Workplace bullying is inside us.