Today, more than ever we are talking about Bullying in the workplace. A social problem that existed but now has begun to take shape.

Workplace bullying indeed has a shape and usually it is frightening. It is frightening because we enrich it with feelings such as fear, agony, impasse, depression, surrender.

When we wake up and go to work as losers, as slaves, it is because we have crippled our dynamism, our driving source of energy.

It is Amazing isn’t it?  We give our personality keys to people who are inferior to us. We essentially betray ourselves. The question we should do is not why this is happening to us but why we allow it to happen.

In life we ​​do not sign a contract with Happiness but we do not sign up for Misfortune too. In our lifetime, we have only one a duty.  To preserve the Soul that we carry within us.

We don’t do marketing research to buy a Soul. Soul is not an application for our mobile phone.

We must learn how to protect Her. We protect Her with the way we choose to live, with our everyday life and habits, by filling Her with energy.