In the last few weeks, Workplace Bullying has taken our country by storm through the media and especially through television.

Reports and analyses on the phenomenon have raised public awareness and a great number of employees have come to realize that what they experience without being able to put their finger on is a serious social issue.

Workplace Bullying is not an abstract concept; there are many dimensions to it and every person can experience it in a different way. Workplace Bullying is a ‘virus’ that can damage your soul, your body, your work, your family, your social life. It spreads in many ways: through touching, through the air, with a glance or with certain kinds of behavior.

When it comes to workplace bullying, there is no victim. There is a target, an individual or employee that is being targeted. There is intent behind the bully’s actions. They wish to hurt you, intimidate you, exert power and control over you, downgrade you or make you lose your job.

Then you are left wondering…Why me? Is it my fault?

You start having doubts about yourself. A black hole inside you starts to take shape, threatening to suck you in. You feel that the hole is getting hold of your voice and your soul. You are overwhelmed with feelings of anger and sadness, you get depressed, you fall into a negative thought loop, you have a tendency towards absenteeism and experience a distinct feeling of being all alone.

At the same time, the people that are bullying you go on with their lives as if nothing has happened. The only thing that concerns them is their own ambition and vanity. For them, it’s just another day at the office. While you are struggling to find a balance between tour work, your family and wellbeing, bullies promote themselves as the ones who deserve praise, advancement, performance bonuses and so on. They capitalize on your ‘absence’ and present you as an obstacle to the company’s goals and performance.

When workplace bulling is taking place, no one can claim that they do not know about it.

It is as if an apartment is in flames, the firefighters have arrived, the fire is raging and the other residents are unaware of what is happening. Fat chance of that…

We will most probably have someone who intentionally started the fire, some neighbors who run away in fear, some neighbors who choose – for their personal reasons – not to help or because they wish to see you leave the apartment building and a couple of neighbors who will grab their fire extinguishers and help you put out the fire.

But what really matters is how you will react if your house is on fire. Will you try to put out the fire? Will you flee? Will you run for help? Will you panic, faint or freeze out of fear?

The fact is that every second counts when the fire is raging and there may be no time to wait for help.

Don’t remain silent when you have become the target of workplace bullying. Silence is a friend that is bound to betray you. Choose wisely who you will turn to for help. Talk to someone that knows exactly what you are talking about.