About Us

MRK was founded in 2017 and is focused on public and private sector employees who either face problems in their working environment, have fallen victims of workplace bullying or feel that their efforts are not properly evaluated. MRK also addresses companies in which executives and employees have bad relations.

MRK cooperates with:

  • specialized psychologists
  • mental health counselors
  • legal advisers

In order to combine experience, through the tough and competitive working environment, and the consultative approach through psychoanalytic science.

MRK is not yet another consulting company. Our target is not to consult, not to give advice, not to write equivocal words.

MRK’s goal is:

  • to listen to you
  • work with you
  • find the best solution for you
  • stand by you

MRK specializes in work behavior tactics and work place bulling resistance.

MRK helps you survive in demanding, competitive working environments.

MRK helps you develop your strategy in order to bypass the minefields within your organization.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a middle or high level manager, an employee or a CEO.

What matters is that every day you have this feeling that you are in a War Zone.

What we do

  • Feeling that your boss burns you out and gives nothing in return?
  • Feeling that your colleague is not always your friend but your enemy?
  • Feeling that your subordinate is undermining your position and you can’t do anything about it?
  • Feeling invisible in the workplace?
  • Feeling that you are a victim of workplace bulling?

MRK will stand by you when you are faced with all those awkward and dangerous situations.You will feel that you have for the first time an ally in the battlefield.With MRK you will be more than yourself.You will be us.

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